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Management 3.0: appreciation in virtual teams

Management 3.0 is considered a new management way, differently from M1.0 and M2.0 that were based on command & control and efficiency with a high command chain respectively, M3.0 goal is to focus on motivated teams around clear goals. There... Continue lendo →

Decision making process – if everyone understands where we’re going, it’s easier to get there!

Have you ever worked a project where resources complained that roles were not well defined? Communication was not satisfactory? Goals were not clear? You may need to review your decision making process. When having project calls with virtual teams, specially... Continue lendo →

Self organization on virtual teams

When working on a virtual team, project members can be assigned to more then a project. Therefore, requests can be received everywhere, from emails to chats, and a project manager won't  coordinate with other project manager to organize individuals tasks.... Continue lendo →

Innovation in virtual teams

Innovation requires collaboration, so how to ensure virtual work is not killing it? First of all, virtual teams need a place to share, it can be a wiki, a box or a social network. It's important that the team members... Continue lendo →

Shared leadership in virtual teams

I just read an interesting article about how to be a leader when you are not the boss (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-leader-when-youre-boss-ilya-pozin?trk=v-feed) and one of the points mentioned was about the difference of helping people or hold them back. It made me think... Continue lendo →

Can virtual teams be agile?

I believe this is a common question when facing global project teams and organization demands for agility. The good news for project managers and team leaders is that the answer is: Yes, virtual teams can be agile and they need... Continue lendo →

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