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How to innovate if I’m not a creative person?

During our virtual workshops, I use innovation games for practices application and the groups are suppose to create things, like a child history for example. At first people will have trouble, as they think: "I work with Technology or Process,... Continue lendo →

Remote design thinking

When working with virtual teams, there is a great challenge for innovation that is the lack of contact for knowledge and experiences exchange. Local teams can go for a room and do a workshop at any time to learn and... Continue lendo →

Design thinking for innovation

My team have been applying agile practices to our project to for a while now and we want to continue improving with innovative ideas. So, yesterday we had this great workshop where we had the chance to start applying design... Continue lendo →

Using storytelling for innovation

So, what's about storytelling? I've been seeing a lot of material about storytelling in my social network, so I resolved to go ahead and research. After reading a lot of articles and some books, I started using it on my... Continue lendo →

Innovation in virtual teams

Innovation requires collaboration, so how to ensure virtual work is not killing it? First of all, virtual teams need a place to share, it can be a wiki, a box or a social network. It's important that the team members... Continue lendo →

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