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Third Agile virtual team best practice: encourage the use of collaboration tools

After creating your team's social contract and setting your meetings, team's climate and communication improvements may already be felt, but, as a good Agile team, you must always ask: How do I get better? There are several answers to these... Continue lendo →

Second Agile virtual team best practice: set a schedule for meetings

It may not be easy when you think it at first, as, how will I set a schedule with a team, if members can be on India, China, US, Brazil. But don't discard the idea without try. With Agile practices,... Continue lendo →

First Agile virtual team practice: establish a social contract

When I talk about social contracts on my workshops, I always remember people that we are social, we need contracts to live in society, it's not different inside a team. For new teams formation, social contracts are fundamental to ensure... Continue lendo →

3 best practices for Agile virtual teams

According to a Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum, there are 7 rules for these teams: Don't; Don't treat distributed teams as local; Don't treat local teams as distributed; Latitude hurts, longitude kills; Don't be always remote; Invest in the right... Continue lendo →

How to begin with Agile?

Something interesting that I've noticed since I started an Agile transformation is that constructing a base is fundamental when you want to improve your team, local or remote. The base for any high performance or agile team needs to contains... Continue lendo →

First post of the year

It's been a time since my last post, but it's always good to be back! End of year, together with an Agile Transformation ongoing, it's a lot of work. They say the year in Brazil only starts after Carnival, well,... Continue lendo →

Let’s celebrate the end of a cycle!

How to keep a high performance team motivated after each project? The answer is simple and fun: Celebrate! After the team is formed and stabilized, working on a project after other may put the team on a never ending cycle,... Continue lendo →

Why cross-functional teams?

When we talk about cross-functional teams, we talk about people from different areas working together. We can have a project team with people from Systems, Database, Middleware, or even people from management areas working with technical people. And, why is... Continue lendo →

How to innovate if I’m not a creative person?

During our virtual workshops, I use innovation games for practices application and the groups are suppose to create things, like a child history for example. At first people will have trouble, as they think: "I work with Technology or Process,... Continue lendo →

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