In my last presentation about storyboarding, a friend said he liked my storytelling so I decided to write a little about my favorite king of story: the hero’s journey.

Basically, it’s a model created by Joseph Campbell and used a lot in movies and games. If we analyze The Hobbit, for example:

* It all starts with the hero all ok, in his village, totally unaware about any problems;
* Then, the challenge knocks his door, he discovers a big evil is threatening the world;
* At first, the hero fights against the idea of leaving his status quo, afraid of the things he can find ahead;
* But he finds a mentor, someone that helps prepare him for the fight;
* He faces the first enemies, until he gets to a life/death situation, but he is able to surpass it and finally achieves his goals.

Well, basically, you should have remembered a lot of heroes, from Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter to Superman or Batman.

And, why is this important to business?

Storytelling is all about selling ideas, so, which are the challenges your client faces today and how your solution can save him from a life/death situation?