When we talk about innovation, we talk about companies as Pixar, but what do they have in common? (or different from others?).

Ed Catmull, Pixar’s president and cofounder, in his speeches asks the audience what’s better: a good idea or a good team?

The crowd is divided most of the times.

I tried the same in some Design Thinking sessions, and got the same result.

But, according to Ed, the thing is:

A good idea in the hands of a bad team, will not work. In the other hand, if you give a bad idea to a good team, they will work to transform it.

This is what happens with most of Pixar movies, a collection of ideas that change, until the result has nothing to do with the original. And it’s always a success.

And the secret for good teams? Communication, knowledge share, embrace change, learn from failure and a leadership that helps develop people.