When working with virtual teams, there is a great challenge for innovation that is the lack of contact for knowledge and experiences exchange.

Local teams can go for a room and do a workshop at any time to learn and apply agile and design thinking concepts and practices.

But, when you need to make these concepts and practices clear to your team thru phone or video conference, this can get a little complex.

In the last weeks I executed some Marshmallow challenges with local teams, so I wanted to do some similar with remote workers.

I didn’t find a specific exercise for distributed teams, so I adapted a game which goal is to create a child history, using concepts as cross teams, sprints and retrospective.

This game also require specific technology knowledge, for the use of teleconference and online boards, openness, respect and courage to share and accept ideas.

Once again, the results were amazing. People is so creative and these exercises show, in few minutes, the advantages and challenges of creating and innovate together.