When we work with agile, we do work with iterations. I like to say that these practices brake our solutions complexity giving us a better view of what we need to complete the work.

Imagine that someone asked you to build a car, would you know where to start? Agile is about delivering clients the minimum value product (MVP), what they really need, and only after that adding what else they may want.

So, if your client wants to go from his house to the grocery, he may only need a bike, it will attend their necessity. When they are able to do this, then they may want to go faster or with more comfort.

I like this example to simplify how solutions are delivered using agile practices. When we go to a meeting and people start talking too much in the future or on what one day may be required, few work is delivered.

We need to focus on the first iteration, deliver, collect feedback and only then, continue to the next iteration.