This week, Pamela, a friend Agile Champion, helped me apply a marshmallow challenge on our teams.

The marshmallow challenge is a great design exercise where small teams need to build a tower of spaghetti, string and tape to hold a marshmallow on the top.

This exercise shows a lot about teamwork, integration and innovation. 

Children and architects are the best on this task, on the other side, business students don’t go so well.

The reason for it is on the importance of cross-functional teams and the design process steps that are required:

  1. Empathize;
  2. Define;
  3. Ideate;
  4. Prototype;
  5. Test.

Business students usually want to go directly to the results, children, on their turn, just want to have fun and always listen to others ideas.

It was a great experience as I was not sure how it would be the team acceptance of this activity. But, in an hour we were able to show some agile and design concepts, do the towers and have a final discussion on the results.

No need to say, it was amazing. So, have fun with the pictures!