User stories are an artifact of Scrum and they are used for requirements gathering at the begin of a project. It has a simple structure:

  1. As a (i.e. client, administrator)
  2. I want to (action)
  3. So that (goal)

As all agile tools, this work needs to be done collaboratively and it’s a way to understanding your interested parties goals to select and prioritize what’s is being attended by the project.

It’s also a great exercise for all teams to empathize with others and understand project goals from all angles. The product owner and development team need to get together and put themselves at clients place.

Empathy is something that I’ve always saw as an important part of leadership and teamwork, but, per my experience, not everyone uses it regularly.

Empathy can’t be learnt at once, it needs practice, as everything in life. That’s why it’s being a great experience to use agile in my work and team.

We’ve never had this number of collaboratively tools, centered on clients and collaboration, and it’s bringing excellent results.