Since I started applying agile practices on my projects, it helped me a lot to organize. I’ve been working double the projects and still have time for a coffee with my team.

This is great for work environment stress balance so, when a coworker looked for me few days ago saying he was working nonstop and not able to see the results, I had no doubt to suggest some agile practices.

As he needed help to organize day to day activities, we started listing and priorizating his work. Then setting 2 to 3 daily activities he should complete. At the end of week he would take 5 mins for a retrospective.

Now he’s been using a feature in his mobile where he lists the activities in post-its and can consult them anywhere. I need to tell that although I’m using Kanban and other visual tools for projects, I still use the good and old notepad for my to-dos.

Still, it’s a good thing to end the day and have the visibility of all the tasks I complete. It’s true that more tasks are received every day but, after priorization, it’s easier to have everything complete in time.