I just read an interesting article about how to be a leader when you are not the boss (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-leader-when-youre-boss-ilya-pozin?trk=v-feed) and one of the points mentioned was about the difference of helping people or hold them back. It made me think about the importance of a shared leadership for virtual teams and presencial ones too.

Sometimes it may look easier to have a centralized leadership, where one person is responsible to say and coordinate what others need to do, but this can also hold individuals back, with no evolution to teams maturity.

In today’s complex and crescent challenging business environment, it’s hard to maintain responsibilities in one hand only. Teams need to share knowledge and skills to ensure better decisions and execution. 

Individuals need to understand their tasks importance to personal and company results. They need not only do what is requested, but also know their environment, negotiate, manage and control their work.

It can not be asked from simple project resources, every team member needs to be a leader of their assignments. To this, management needs to share, encourage and enable these people work, transforming simple tasks in value to the clients.