High performance teams are all about trust!

Trust is build thru sharing information and knowledge. Also, showing caring for people and the work that’s being done.

In local teams, trust is build thru face-to-face meetings.

In virtual teams, trust can be neglected and hard to build at the begin.

All teams go thru a formation and development phase before reaching their high performance stage. In virtual teams the communication on these phases need to be done thru virtual conferences, telephone and e-mail.

So, if you are working on a virtual team, think about:

– When was the last time you had a chat with your co-worker to talk about yours or their work?

– Are you sharing new information and knowledge with your team?

– How many times your team meet virtually (thru conference or call)?

– Are lessons learned being documented?

– And, specially, is success being recognized?

No matter if you are a technical resource or the team’s leader, ensure that problems and lessons learned are shared on a daily basis.

Regarding team’s meeting, make sure it is done at least once a week.

And remember: don’t share only problems, but also success!